2013 Heritage Magazine Cover Process

2013 Heritage Magazine Cover Process
by Josh Thomassen
This shows the process of how the cover design was created for the 2013 issue of Heritage Magazine.
Along with the cover, I was in charge of the entire layout/design for the 78 page magazine. Heritage is an annual publication that highlights the history of the Assemblies of God denomination.
The 2013 cover story is about the centennial of the Pentecostal Evangel. The photo features Robert Cunnningham sitting at a desk (left) with Lloyd Colbaugh (right), both looking at a proof for the Pentecostal Evangel in 1953.
Freelance project  |  IFLE Creative, LLC  |  iflecreative.com
the original photo
background removed
new background texture added
shadows recreated and added back in
(close up) magazine logo placed in the background
magazine logo placed in the background
final cover

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